Other Podcasts We Love!

Hey, we’re not just great podcast producers.  We’re also great podcast listeners!  Check out these great shows we love, and show them some love too 🙂


The Legacy Music Hour

Brent Weinbach and Rob F Switch killing it with the bonk video game tunes!


28 Plays Later

Cartoonist Kris Straub and writer/actor/personality Paul Verhoeven talk about video games, parenting, and poop jokes


Pixel Tunes Radio

Join our podcast friends Mike and Ed on a journey of video game music, video game history, and great comedy!


Impulse Project

We love great game music, and we also love great demoscene music.  If you don’t know what demoscene or tracker music is, you NEED to check this show out!

Classic Video Game Music Archives

Slick Productions – NES music files with track information – Enormous collection of SNES music files

Project2612 – Collection of Genesis and MegaDrive music files

Kaminarimon HES Music Archive – PC Engine music files

Music Players and Tools

AudioOverload – Classic game console music emulator