Episode 27-8 Underrated Gems

This week on the show we’re focusing on incredible games that just didn’t get the attention we think they deserved. There are amazing classics and fantastic indie-titles they may (or may not have) flown under your radar! Read more

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Episode 27-7 Character Crossovers

Don’t you just love it when you find your favorite characters in another game? Whether it’s Mega Man in Street Fighter, or Pac Man in Ridge Racer, it’s a great way to explore how these characters would react in another world! Of course, this is what Rob researched today. Pernell came up with his own game mash-ups, resulting in some remarkable ideas! Enjoy these crazy-crossover game tunes!

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Episode 27-6 Tavern Music

Pull up a bar-stool and get comfortable, it’s time for some light tavern-themed music! Adventurers are resting a while at the bar, and there’s plenty of singing (and hand-clapping) to keep your spirits up! Of course, there’s a little disagreement brewing. Just a little pizza-related disagreement in which Pernell is absolutely wrong about Chicago-style deep dish pizza and Rob is right. Mainly because Rob writes the web page and Pernell can’t stop him!!!! muahahahahahahahHAHAHHAHAHAHAA!

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