Bonus Beats 16: Gabber and Hardcore

Heavy beats and noisy bass, it’s all about the hardcore techno game music this week! Since we’ve been traveling for MAGFest, we present to you the GABBER VGM MIXTAPE!

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Bonus Beats: Bomberman!

Destroying more friendships than a game of Monopoly, Bomberman is the ultimate multiplayer-party game. Music from the legendary composer Jun Chikuma has graced every title in some way or form, providing the perfect backdrop on which to battle your friends! This week on the show we're playing music from the very beginning all the way to the modern era! Grab those power-ups, golden gloves, boots, and jellies, because we're taking a deep-dive into Bomberman!

HEY! Did you know Rhythm and Pixels are celebrating 7 YEARS of the podcast! Join us for a live recording on Sunday December 11th! This stream is free to all listeners, and we're counting down our top 10 tracks of the year! Did your favorites make it?

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Bonus Beats: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

We’re transporting you back to the early 90s when four teenaged reptiles ruled the world! This special bonus-beats episode is a mixtape of all the amazing music from the TMNT games from the 1989 NES game to the most recent game Shredder’s Revenge! We’re also including music from the same game that was ported to different consoles and computer systems just so you can get a taste of those delicious sound chips! So sit back, grab a sugary soda drink, and be prepared to rock out to some of the best game music ever created for a game featuring turtles that are ninjas! Listen to more of the show! Support the podcast!

R&P Presents: Masters of VGM

Part of a multi-podcast event, The Masters of VGM is a way for us to celebrate the composers that have made an impact on the video game industry, and on ourselves! Rob and Pernell each chose 4 composers to represent The Masters, and 2 pieces of music that show why we call them: The Masters! Want to find more of the show? Support the podcast and get cool stuff!

Bonus Beats 13 The King of Fighters Arranged

We're rocking out to a mega-mix from the arranged albums of The King of Fighters! The KOF series has some great original music, and the arranged albums from the SNK Sound Team are exceptional! You'll find rock, funk, jazz, and more! Listen to more of the podcast! Support the show!

Bonus Beats 12 Tim Follin

Let us take you on a journey through the musical history of the legendary composer Tim Follin! Tim Follin is on our Mt. Rushmore of game composers by bringing us not only masterful tunes through the Commodore 64 and NES, but also with his prog-rock and funk chops on the PlayStation and PC. Sit down, tune in, and jam-out to the greatest hits of Tim Follin! Find more of the show! Support the podcast! VGM T-Shirts!

Bonus Beats 11 Sound-alikes

Have you ever played a game and thought to yourself, I've heard this one before? We sure have! For the first time in R&P history Pernell rides solo as he finds some interesting call-backs and similarities with some of his favorite tunes! Looking for more of the podcast? Support the show!

Bonus Beats: Mahjong Games

We're changing things up this week with a special Bonus Beats mixtape! Our focus this time is on the smooth and funky world of Mahjong games! While some of these games may be on the mature side, every one of these tracks is sure to please the whole family. Enjoy! Find more of the podcast! Support the show!

Bonus Beats 9 Gradius Through The Years

On this episode we looked over our OPTIONS and became LASER focused on a new topic! This is a special mixtape episode featuring the music of Gradius through the years! That's over one-hour of awesome space shoot-em-up jams! Hop in the Vic Viper, hit START, and shoot the core! Don't forget the Konami code, because this mix is SO good you'll want to play it again! Listen to more of the podcast! Support the show!

Bonus Beats 8 Racing Games

Vroom! Let's go fast! This week's show is a special mixtape of the funkiest racing music we could find! Expect some rockin tunes from classic Nintendo titles, Dreamcast games, and deep arcade cuts! Let this be the perfect playlist to get you in the mood for driving! Don't forget that next week's show is a celebration of 5 years of the podcast! Can you believe it? We're asking all of our listeners for your favorite tracks/topics/moments of the past year, let us know in our email! We're also partnering with our podcast host Blubrry to offer our listeners 1 month of free podcast hosting and statistics! Ready to take your show to the next level? Blubrry has the fastest downloads with the most in-depth listener statistics! Follow this link and use offer code PIXELS to get your first month free!