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Episode 6-10 Pause, Save, and Tutorial


We got another great topic this week from one of our fantastic listeners! Well, we expanded on it a little, because there were some tracks we really wanted to play on the show ūüôā ¬†Our focus is on music outside of the action and drama, and instead on times where you’re encouraged to take a moment for yourself. Pernell turns into Navi, and Rob still doesn’t know if it’s bears. This show’s got it all!

Track list:

  1. Game Paused – Asterix and the Great Rescue – Megadrive – Nathan McCree
  2. Backup Creation – Popful Mail – Mega CD – Falcom Soundteam JDK
  3. Heal – Ico – Playstation 2- Michiru Oshima, Koichi Yamazaki, Mitsukuni Murayama
  4. Spread Your Wings – Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories – Playstation 2 – Tenpei Sato
  5. Pause Menu – Ghostbusters – Genesis – Kazuhiko Nagai
  6. Pause Screen – Banjo-Kazooie – N64 – Grant Kirkhope
  7. Great Fairy’s Fountain Рdj-jo
  8. Resident Evil 1 Save Remix – NoName Queen (Jenna Mustonen)
  9. Item Select РLegacy of The Wizard  РNES РYuzo Koshiro

Download episode 6-10 here!

Episode 6-9 Real Time Strategy


Clear the fog of war and flank the enemy! ¬†Click the buttons as fast as you can and prepare for war! This week’s listener-suggested topic is RTS games! ¬†Unfortunately Rob and Pernell have little experience in the genre, but there is some musical gold!

Track list:

  1. Terran Theme 1 – StarCraft- PC – Glenn Stafford
  2. Credits – Dune 2 – PC – Frank Klepacki
  3. Soviet March – Command and Conquer Red Alert 3 – PC – James Hannigan
  4. Dark Forest – Rise of Nations – PC – Duane Decker
  5. Practice Starts! – Grim Grimoire – Playstation 2 – Hitoshi Sakimoto, Masaharu Iwata, Kimihiro Abe, Mitsuhiro Kaneda, Noriyuki Kamikura
  6. Allegro for Hydroponic Systems – Offworld Trading Company – PC – Christophe Tin
  7. FOR ADUN РNovasonic applebadge-sm
  8. Fogger(cover) – MastGRRR / Nick-laws Yelm Smiff
  9. Suganuma Rescue – Shadow Tactics Blades of the Shogun – PC – Unknown

Download episode 6-9 here!

Episode 6-8 Memories


Rob and Pernell are back together in the studio, and ready to rock this podcast! This week’s topic is “Memories”, meaning anything that triggers specific memories for us, personal or gaming related. So this one gets a little heavy on the nostalgia. Pernell gets nostalgic for the old east coast Bemani scene, and Rob gets nostalgic for old audio formats. ¬†And there’s lots of singing in this one, not quite sure why! ¬†Enjoy!

Track list:

  1. Title Theme – Revenge of The ‚ÄėGator – Gameboy – Hiroaki Suga
  2. Athletic Theme – Super Mario World – SNES – Koji Kondo
  3. Ramp Music- Skate or Die 2: The Search for Double Trouble – NES – Rob Hubbard
  4. I really want to hurt you РPop’n Music 1 РKyotaka Sugimoto
  5. Battle Theme 1 (boss)  РGiga Wing 2 РDreamcast РYasushi Kaminishi
  6. Suedo’s theme РDigimon Story: Cyber Sleuth РPlaystation 4 РMasafumi Takada
  7. Infinite Lives (feat. D&D Sluggers) РMega Ran applebadge-sm
  8. Castlevania – Mini Bosses
  9. Memories of the school – Persona 3 – Playstation 2 -Shoji Meguro

Download episode 6-8 here!

Episode 6-7 Michiru Yamane


Happy new year everyone! ¬†Thanks for coming back for another great year of video game music. ¬†It means a great deal to us that you’re still listening and enjoying the show! ¬†This week we do another composer focus, this time on one of Konami’s greats, Mihciru Yamane! ¬†Enjoy!

Track list:

  1. Battle Ship – Space Manbow – MSX – Michiru Yamane
  2. Mine Cart Ride – Rocket Knight Adventures – Genesis – Michiru Yamane
  3. Stage 5 – Nemesis – Gameboy – Michiru Yamane
  4. Stage 2 – TMNT fall of the foot clan – Gameboy – Michiru Yamane
  5. Dive On The Horizon – Otomedius Excellent – Arcade – Michiru Yamane
  6. 1-1 – Sparkster – Genesis – Michiru Yamane
  7. In a Moments Time – Skullgirls – Michiru Yamane, Geila Zilkha
  8. Transcend both The Fear and Dispair РDangerous Mezashi Cat
  9. Camirouna Mendes РBeatmania IIDX14 Gold РArcade РMichiru Yamane applebadge-sm

Download episode 6-7 here!

Episode 6-6 Holiday Music


Happy holidays everyone! ¬†Your podcast-friends here at Rhythm and Pixels celebrate the only way they know how, with great video game music! ¬†There’s surprises, presents, and Rob’s elf application to the North Pole. It’s a podcast miracle!

Track list:

  1. Snow Island – Mouryo Senki Madara – Famicom – Tappi Iwase, Miki Higashino, Hirofumi Taniguchi, Aki Hata
  2. Castle Castellations – James Pond 2 Robocod – Genesis – Richard Joseph
  3. Relaxed Atmosphere Relaxatation Room – Lagrange Point – Famicom – Akio Dobashi, Noriyuki Takahashi, Katsuhiko Suzuki, Atsushi Fujio
  4. A Wish – Secret of Mana – Super Nintendo- Hiroki Kikuta
  5. Snowman – Mother – Famicom – Keiichi Suzuki, Hirokazu Tanaka
  6. Jack Frost’s Chime РChristmas NiGHTS РSega Saturn РTomoko Sasaki, Naofumi Hataya
  7. GeminEye РThe Megas applebadge-sm
  8. CAMMY’S THEME Hip hop remix РDeuce Rell?
  9. Snowball Park – Super Mario 3D World – Wii U – Mahito Yokota, Toru Minegishi, Koji Kondo, Yasuaki Iwata

Download episode 6-6 here!