Episode 6-10 Pause, Save, and Tutorial

We got another great topic this week from one of our fantastic listeners! Well, we expanded on it a little, because there were some tracks we really wanted to play on the show 🙂 Our focus is on music outside of the action and drama, and instead on times where you’re encouraged to take a moment for yourself. Continue reading Episode 6-10 Pause, Save, and Tutorial


Episode 6-9 Real Time Strategy

Clear the fog of war and flank the enemy! Click the buttons as fast as you can and prepare for war! This week’s listener-suggested topic is RTS games! Unfortunately Rob and Pernell have little experience in the genre, but there is some musical gold! Continue reading Episode 6-9 Real Time Strategy

Episode 6-8 Memories

Rob and Pernell are back together in the studio, and ready to rock this podcast! This week’s topic is “Memories”, meaning anything that triggers specific memories for us, personal or gaming related. So this one gets a little heavy on the nostalgia. Pernell gets nostalgic for the old east coast Bemani scene, and Rob gets nostalgic for old audio formats. Continue reading Episode 6-8 Memories