Bonus Beats: Bomberman!

Destroying more friendships than a game of Monopoly, Bomberman is the ultimate multiplayer-party game. Music from the legendary composer Jun Chikuma has graced every title in some way or form, providing the perfect backdrop on which to battle your friends! This week on the show we're playing music from the very beginning all the way to the modern era! Grab those power-ups, golden gloves, boots, and jellies, because we're taking a deep-dive into Bomberman!

HEY! Did you know Rhythm and Pixels are celebrating 7 YEARS of the podcast! Join us for a live recording on Sunday December 11th! This stream is free to all listeners, and we're counting down our top 10 tracks of the year! Did your favorites make it?

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Episode 35-2 Travel Music

Pernell’s back from a long trip and we’ve got stories! We also have a great video game music soundtrack to each of those stories! Music for planes, trains, and airships!

Coming soon is our 7th anniversary show! We’re counting down our top 10 favorite tracks played over the past year, and we’re doing it live! More information about the live stream coming soon!

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Episode 35-1 Hard As Nails with Chris Baines!

This week on the show we’re joined by musician and game historian Chris Baines to talk about super-difficult games! Why do we like them so much? Why are they so satisfying, yet so annoying at the same time? And why is the music SO GOOD?!?

Check out Chris’s game documentary series on YouTube!

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Episode 34-10 Novel Games with Martyrus!

It’s National Novel Writing Month, so this week we’re listening to games based on books! Joining us on this adventure is friend Martyrus, host of the RE-VGM podcast! RE-VGM is a podcast about VGM that has been re-arranged, re-orchestrated, and re-made by fans and artists.

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Episode 34-7 Movie Games with Quad Pro Quo!

We’re joined by the wonderful and hilarious people from @QuadProQuoPod to chat about movies and listen to some great video game music!

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Episode 34-6 Inspirations with Nintendrew

This week on the show we’ve got retro-game enthusiast and new game-developer Nintendrew joining us! We’re talking about the games that have inspired us, and of course his newest game C.A.R.L.! We chat about the game’s development, its classic game influences, and loads and loads about Cave Story. You’ll also get to hear some of the latest music from the game, and some behind-the-scenes stories about its development!

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Episode 34-5 Your Summer Games Challenge

Summer school is over, it’s time to check up on our assignments! We asked our listeners to finish some games this year, and then tell us all about them! And of course, listen to some excellent musical selections.

Also on the show we review the board game Tiny Towns by Peter McPherson for Alderac Entertainment Group. #WeMakeFun !

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Episode 34-4 Working Games

Let’s get down to business! Sometimes games can feel like work, but in a good way! We’re listening to music from games that made us feel like we should be getting paid for our virtual labor!

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