Episode 5-10 Aethernaut

Welcome to our 50th episode! We have an absolute treat for you this week, we’ve got special guest Aethernaut joining us to listen and comment on great game music. He helped us out by choosing the topic: Music with emotional gravity. Continue reading Episode 5-10 Aethernaut


Episode 5-9 Scary Music

Boo! It’s that time of the year to thinking about spooky-scary things. Things like ghosts and goblins, draculas, wolfmen, and mad-mad-mad-mad-scientists! Let Rob and Pernell be your guides into the haunted house of video game music! Happy Halloween everyone! Continue reading Episode 5-9 Scary Music

Episode 5-8 Chiptune Spectacular!

Rob and Pernell take a break from the usual, and get down with some original chiptunes! The focus this week isn’t just for original chip-music, that is music made specifically with older hardware. The tracks picked for the show are just excellent tunes created with the classic sounds and hardware as the focal point of the show. There’s also a lengthy discussion of Anamanaguchi at the end of the show for some reason.

Such a special show deserves a special guest! This week the Super VGM Bros. are joined by R&P All-Star Matt Waldron (Pernell and Matt Play Games). Continue reading Episode 5-8 Chiptune Spectacular!