Episode 6-5 Junko Ozawa


This episode is composer-focused, we only play tracks originally composed by Namco alumni Junko Ozawa. Her work ranges from Namco arcade classics like Rolling Thunder and PacMania, all the way to Klonoa for the Playstation. There’s old and new classics to be found in this episode, so grab your headphones and get into it!

Track list:

  1. Dragon Appears – The Tower of Druaga – TurboGrafx 16 – Junko Ozawa
  2. BGM 2 – Rolling Thunder – Arcade – Junko Ozawa
  3. Block Town – Pacmania – Arcade- Junko Ozawa
  4. Sakkabas – The Return of Ishtar – Arcade – Junko Ozawa
  5. Main Theme – Quest of Ki – NES – Junko Ozawa
  6. Ending – Quester – Arcade – Junko Ozawa
  7. Pac-Man’s Park – MetalYoshiGuitarPro
  8. The Tower of Druaga Game Room Theme – Namco Museum Vol. 3 – Playstation – Unknown
  9. Jugpot Falls – Klonoa of The Wind: Door to Phantomile – Playstation – Junko Ozawa

Download episode 6-5 here!

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