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Episode 19-10 Get Organized!


It’s human-nature to want things in order, in a row, all organized! It’s no wonder there are so many video games about putting things in place, and that’s what our show is all about this week 🙂  Short of Tetris, we look at nearly everything organizational! So come on, let’s get organized together!

Track list:

  1. Threes is the Bees Knees – Threes – iOS – Big Giant Circles (Jimmy Hinson)
  2. TIY – Animal Crossing New Leaf – Nintendo 3DS – Kazume Totaka
  3. Main Theme – I Love Hue – iOS – Unknown
  4. Explorer – Columns III: Revenge of Columns – Genesis – Morihiko Akiyama
  5. Narenj – Engare – Steam – Mim Rasouli
  6. Transmission Transition – Wilmot’s Warehouse – Steam – Eli Rainsberry
  7. Youthful (Bonus Track) – Sokoban Online – sokbanonline.com – beek (Chris J Del Camino)
  8. Menu Music – Genesis Mini – Yuzo Koshiro
  9. The Sorting Process – Wilmot’s Warehouse – Steam- Eli Rainsberry

Episode 13-7: The Search for the Haunted Jukebox with The VGM Jukebox!


Josh and Keyglyph from The VGM Jukebox podcast have lost their Haunted Jukebox! The only way to find The Haunted Jukebox? With jazz-club inspired video game music!

They travel from their Overworld and into Rob and Pernell’s listening room! It’s a mystery of Scooby-Doo levels, and a cross-over more awesome than when The Flintstones met The Jetsons!

Enjoy this extra long cross-over episode, complete with mystery, personal stories, and EXCELLENT MUSIC.

You can listen to The VGM Jukebox with Josh and Keyglyph on iTunes and their website!


Track list:

  1. Bar – Traverse: Starlight & Prairie – Super Famicom – Daisuke Tamura
  2. Bar – Metal Max 2 – Super Famicom – Satoshi Kadokura
  3. Bar – Wizardry: Tale of the Forsaken Land – PlayStation 2 – Satoshi Iwasaki, Isao Kasai, Makoto Suehiro, Kenji Tani
  4. Unknown Music – James Bond Jr – NES – Neil Baldwin
  5. Bar Sambora – Famicom Tantei Club Part II: Ushiro ni Tatsu Shojo – Super Famicom – Kenji Yamamoto
  6. Mike’s Jukebox – Marvelous: Mouhitotsu no Takarajima – Super Famicom – Yuichi Ozaki
  7. I Dream of You (Miss Stiletto Heels) – Deadly Premonition – Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC – Riyou Kinugasa, Takuya Kobayashi, Hiromi Mizutani, vocals by Carol in the Galaxy of Terror
  8. Profit – Breath of Fire – Super Nintendo – Hitoshi Sakimoto
  9. Column Dive Jazz Quartet Cover (Columns III) – Soundole VGM Covers
  10. Your Name Please (Mother 2) – Super Soul Bros.
  11. Boogie Woogie in the Bar Piano Cover (Dragon Quest VIII) – Francis Rave
  12. Karin’s Theme (Street Fighter V) – ClassicalCat Joanna ft. The Consouls