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Episode 18-3 Our Favorite Platformers


This episode we listen to music from our all time favorite platform games! We are out there, collecting coins and rings, just trying to make it in this podcast world. Pernell mastered the double-jump just to reach the 1-Up, while Rob focused all his energy on the super-sonic-spin-dash, just to run head first into spikes! Also, on a very special episode of Everybody Loves Rayman, we learn that Super Meat Boy is racing to save the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise from a terrible movie.

Track list:

  1. Fields – Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom – Multiple – Keiki Kobayashi
  2. Chrome Gadget – Sonic the Hedgehog 3 – Sega Genesis – Unknown
  3. The Battle of Little Slugger – Super Meat Boy – Danny Baranovski
  4. Golden Ridge (Golden Feather Mix) – Celeste – PS4, Switch – in love with a ghost
  5. Mechanical Dragon – Rayman Legends – Multiple – Christophe Heral, Billy Martin
  6. Prelude – Akumajou Densetsu – Famicom (VRC6) – Hidenori Maezawa, Jun Funahashi, Yuki Morimoto
  7. Athletic Theme Euro-Tech Remix (Super Mario World) – Gokian
  8. Full Moon Remix (Luna Ascension, Tower of Heaven) – flashygoodness
  9. City Area – Kid Chameleon – Sega Genesis – Mark Miller


Episode 5-10 Aethernaut


Welcome to our 50th episode!  We have an absolute treat for you this week, we’ve got special guest Aethernaut joining us to listen and comment on great game music.  He helped us out by choosing the topic: Music with emotional gravity.  This was a great inspiration for choosing tracks, we found some good stuff for you! There’s also a special Bonus Round section of the show, where we showcase some of Aethernaut’s own tracks!

Aethernaut is a musician with a love for chip sounds and a passion for video games. He takes inspiration from his favorite video game tunes and turns out some amazing tracks. Check out his music here!

Track list:

  1. Pillars of Creation – Tower of Heaven – PC – flashygoodness applebadge-sm
  2. Promise (Reprise) – Silent Hill 2 – Playstation 2 – Akira Yamaoka
  3. Prelude to the Demon King – Live a Live – Super Famicom – Yoko Shimomura
  4. Spider’s String, The Second Movement – Shin Megami Tensei Digital Devil Saga – Playstation 2 – Shoji Meguro
  5. Theme Park – Aethernaut applebadge-sm
  6. Saturday Morning – Aethernaut applebadge-sm
  7. Radical Dreamers Symphony – Eminence Symphony Orchestra applebadge-sm
  8. Rainbow Castle Mario Party Remix – ArnyUndercover
  9. Someday the Dream Will End – Final Fantasy X – Playstation 2 – Nobuo Uematsu, Junya Nakano, Masashi Hamauzu

Download episode 5-10 here!