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Episode 15-8 The Geek Trifecta


This week on the show we listen to music from games based on what we call The Geek Trifecta: Anime, American Comic Books, and Cosplay! We talk about anime conventions of long ago, and anime of long ago. We also have lots to catch up on at the top of the show, so I hope you don’t mind a little preamble 🙂  Enjoy!

Track list

  1. Battle Theme 3 – Tenchi Muyo! Game-hen – Super Famicom – Shintaro Hirakawa
  2. Ya! Ha! (EyeShield 21) – Jump Ultimate Stars – Nintendo DS – Unknown
  3. Title Theme – Silver Surfer – NES – Tim Follin
  4. When The Smoke Clears – Battle Chasers: Nightwar – Steam – Jesper Kyd
  5. Besaid – Final Fantasy X-2 – Playstation 2 – Noriko Matsueda, Takahito Eguchi
  6. Fight! Alkaiser! – Saga Frontier – PlayStation – Kenji Ito
  7. Breath of the Wild – Mikel and Gamechops (Zelda and Chill)
  8. Battle theme guitar solo (Dragon Quest 4) – The 901!
  9. Track 06 – Bleach DS: The Blade of Fate – Nintendo DS – Norio Hanzawa


Episode 11-10 Shonen Games


Let’s listen to music that can get you powered up! Music that makes you feel like you can save the world even though your just a high school kid with magical powers! We explore the world of Shonen Jump video games and video game cross-overs!

Pernell dreams of being a bird, and Rob discovers his connection to the world of anime through the Delaware hip-hop scene. They both uncover their secret RPG special attacks! There’s a lot to unpack here…

Track list:

  1. Unused – Famicom Jump Hero Retsuden – Famicom – Haruki Adachi
  2. Rooftop – Ranma ½ Hard Battle – Super Nintendo – Toshio Okamoto
  3. Hero of Fire, Higan – Tengai Makyou Zero: Shonen Jump no Shou – Super Famicom – Toshiyuki Sasagawa, Kohei Tanaka, Aya Tanaka
  4. Unmeltable Flame – Yu Yu Hakusho: Makyou Toitsusen – Mega Drive – Aki Hata, Katsuhiko Suzuki, Kazuo Hanzawa, Satoshi Murata
  5. Nice to meet you – Bleach Dark Souls – Nintendo DS – Norio Hanzawa, Katsuhiko Suzuki
  6. Live Com – Jump Ultimate Stars – Nintendo DS – Unknown
  7. Silhouette – Musikage
  8. Versus – Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Tag Force 4 – PSP – Sota Fujimori, Shuichi Kobori, Atsushi Sato, Toshihisa Furusawa

Download episode 11-10 here!