RetroWorldExpo Music Battle!

We're taking the show on the road with this very special LIVE episode recorded at RetroWorldExpo in Hartford, Connecticut! After hours of travelling together, the boys are ready to let off some steam and settle their differences PODCAST STYLE! Performed for a live audience, we choose tracks in similar topics, and have our fellow podcast-friends judge the winners! It was a good and silly time and we hope you enjoy it! Listen to more of the show! Consider supporting the podcast!

Episode 19-3 Speed Running LIVE at The Philly Podcast Festival!

This week's show is all about playing fast, being fast, and finishing games fast! It was also recorded live at the Indy Hall in Philadelphia as part of the Philly Podcast festival! Sooooo, there may be a few visual jokes that won't translate well, but it's all part of the live experience! We hope you enjoy the show, because it was a blast to do!

Episode 16-10 Cartoons LIVE at Everything Is Awesome!

This week on the podcast we listen to music from games based on cartoons! Mainly 90s cartoons, about saving the environment, and selling toys. Lots of toys! Rob quizzes Pernell on his video game knowledge, and Pernell goes off on the insane episodes of the Super Mario Bros. super show cartoon!