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Episode 7-8 Lucky Sevens!


How do we find such great video game tracks?  Is it the luck of the draw?  Is it lady-luck? I think it’s Pernell’s suave and sexy voice that calls out to great music like a siren song.  Either way, this week is a focus on casino, gambling, or just luck-based game stuff!  Enjoy!

Track list:

  1. Casino Night Zone (2 Player) – Sonic The Hedgehog 2 – Genesis – Masato Nakamura
  2. Good Luck! – Mario Party 3 – N64 – Ichiro Shimakura
  3. Las Vegas Is My Lady! – Super Caesar’s Palace – Super Nintendo – Tommy Tallarico, Steve Henefin
  4. Black Jack – Casino Kid – NES – Toshio Murai
  5. 2020 Casino – Vegas Stakes – Super Nintendo – Kimitaka Matsumae
  6. Casino of the Dead – Ni No Kuni – Playstation 3 – Akihiro Hino
  7. Golden Saucer – Final Fantasy VII Piano Collections
  8. Johto Game Corner Remix – GlitchxCity
  9. Casino – Monopoly 2 – Super Nintendo – Yasutsuna Sasaki

Download episode 7-8 here!

Episode 6-4 Dreamcast RPGs


This week we focus on the small-ish library of role playing games for the Sega Dreamcast.  The Sega Dreamcast is a very special system for both of us.  It had some great games, but they were also taking risks with some crazy ones.  It was also the system that was around just as the arcades started disappearing, so it makes the Dreamcast arcade-ports that much more important.  This episode runs a little bit longer because we have so many personal stories about the system, games, and of course, the music.

Track list:

  1. Theme of R-720 – Segagaga – Dreamcast – Tsuyoshi Kaneko, Hirsohi Kawaguchi, Masato Nakamura
  2. Commercial Town Lilig Apparent Prosperity – Grandia II – Dreamcast – Noriyuki Iwadare
  3. Eastokion (Town) – E.G.G. Elemental Gimmick Gear – Dreamcast – Haruyoshi Rokudo
  4. Boss Battle Crisis/Opportunity- Skies of Arcadia – Dreamcast – Yutaka Minobe, Tatsuyuki Maeda
  5. Crypt Maze – Evolution 2 – Dreamcast – Masaharu Iwata
  6. Empty Space Out of Control Part 1 – Phantasy Star Online – Dreamcast – Hideaki Kobayashi
  7. Air Pirates (Skies of Arcadia) – Mykah
  8. Ragol Weather (Image of Hero) Remix – zircon
  9. Dream – Lack of Love (L.O.L.) – Dreamcast – Ryuichi Sakamoto

Download episode 6-4 here!