Episode 7-5 Arcade Shmups

Get those reflexes ready, welcome to Bullet-Hell’s Kitchen! This week we dig into the soaring, energetic, and often manic tunes of arcade shoot’em-ups! We look at the old and new, horizontal and vertical, and the cute and insane! We also create a shooter based on Pernell, and Rob becomes an old man battling against impossible odds. Continue reading Episode 7-5 Arcade Shmups


Episode 6-9 Real Time Strategy

Clear the fog of war and flank the enemy! Click the buttons as fast as you can and prepare for war! This week’s listener-suggested topic is RTS games! Unfortunately Rob and Pernell have little experience in the genre, but there is some musical gold! Continue reading Episode 6-9 Real Time Strategy

Episode 4-10 Wildcard

Rob and Pernell choose great video game music RNG style this week, but not really. This week it’s all about picking those tracks that just haven’t fit in other topics. These are the tracks they’ve been sitting on, waiting for them to hatch into the perfect podcast. This is that podcast! Also there’s a huge tangent about Back To The Future 2 for some reason, so look out for that 🙂 Continue reading Episode 4-10 Wildcard