Episode 25-7 Podcastiversary 5

This week we are celebrating 5 years of Rhythm and Pixels! That's 5 years of music, fun, and Pernell's sexy voice every week! We're looking back at our favorite episodes and picking our top 5 favorite songs of the year! Also on the show Rob gives Pernell the ULTIMATE Trails of Cold Steel quiz. And finally! Rob learns what Pernell means about Van Johnson! There's all this and more, so get ready for a JAM!

Episode 20-9 Podcastiversary 4!

Happy new podcast year! We celebrate 4 years of Rhythm and Pixels by sharing our favorite tracks of the past year! We share some favorite episode memories, and Pernell competes in Rob's version of VGM Jeopardy! Enjoy the show!

BTW this episode was live-streamed on our Twitch channel, so there's lots of singing and some visual gags that might not translate. 🙂