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Episode 19-4 Stories for Elevator Music


This week on the show we play music chosen by our listeners and Patreon members! We enjoy the tunes and read their testimonials. Also, this week’s show was recorded over live-stream for our Patreon members, a monthly show just for subscribers 🙂  We chat with the audience between breaks, and get REAL silly listening to tunes and telling stories!

Also on the show, we play “Is this a real Streets of Rage enemy” and Pernell has to guess the fake ones from the real ones! How well can you do?

Track list:

  1. Surf City – Battletoads – Genesis – David Wise
  2. Somewhere in The Woods – a short hike – Steam – Mark Sparling
  3. Base Point – Racing Lagoon – PlayStation – Noriko Matsueda, Takahito Eguichi
  4. Battle! Zinnia – Pokemon Omega Ruby – Shota Kageyama
  5. Connected (I’m Yours Forever) Credits  – Tetris Effect – PlayStation 4 – Hydelic (Noboru Mutoh, Takako Ishida)  feat. Kate Brady
  6. Battle Theme – Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers – PlayStation 4, Windows – Masayoshi Soken
  7. Steam Gardens Mykah Remix (Super Mario Odyssey) – Mykah
  8. Life is Beautiful (Deadly Premonition) – PPF
  9. Space Pirates Battle – Metroid Prime – GameCube, Wii – Kenji Yamamoto, Kouichi Kyuma

Episode 19-1 Detective Story


As I walked into the arcade, my senses were assaulted by the stench of quarters and competition. Yeah, that feels right! Smokey offices, late nights, and trench coats. We’re on the case! This week’s show we listen to, and investigate, detective game music!

  1. Some Real Police Work – The Darkside Detective – PC – Ben Prunty (FTL)
  2. Scrum Debate – Danganronpa v3 Killing Harmony – PlayStation 4, Vita – Masafumi Takada
  3. Formations (Basidia) – Hypnospace Outlaw – PC – Jay Tholen
  4. Beatrice’s Waltz – Touch Detective – Nintendo DS – Toshiko Tasaki
  5. Blues – Blade Runner – PC – Frank Klepacki
  6. The Flower of Chivalry – Judgement – PlayStation 4 – Hidenori Shoji, Yuri Fukuda, Saori Yoshida
  7. Theme of Ace Harding – Deja Vu – NES – Hiroyuki Masano
  8. Joe’s Bar Smooth Jazz Version (Deja Vu) – Written In Wind
  9. Read Only Memories – Amplitude Problem
  10. Lookers Theme (Sorrowful) – Pokemon Omega Ruby – Nintendo 3DS – Shota Kageyama, Minako Adachi, Hideaki Kuroda, Hitomi Sato