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Episode 19-1 Detective Story


As I walked into the arcade, my senses were assaulted by the stench of quarters and competition. Yeah, that feels right! Smokey offices, late nights, and trench coats. We’re on the case! This week’s show we listen to, and investigate, detective game music!

  1. Some Real Police Work – The Darkside Detective – PC – Ben Prunty (FTL)
  2. Scrum Debate – Danganronpa v3 Killing Harmony – PlayStation 4, Vita – Masafumi Takada
  3. Formations (Basidia) – Hypnospace Outlaw – PC – Jay Tholen
  4. Beatrice’s Waltz – Touch Detective – Nintendo DS – Toshiko Tasaki
  5. Blues – Blade Runner – PC – Frank Klepacki
  6. The Flower of Chivalry – Judgement – PlayStation 4 – Hidenori Shoji, Yuri Fukuda, Saori Yoshida
  7. Theme of Ace Harding – Deja Vu – NES – Hiroyuki Masano
  8. Joe’s Bar Smooth Jazz Version (Deja Vu) – Written In Wind
  9. Read Only Memories – Amplitude Problem
  10. Lookers Theme (Sorrowful) – Pokemon Omega Ruby – Nintendo 3DS – Shota Kageyama, Minako Adachi, Hideaki Kuroda, Hitomi Sato


Episode 13-3 Hip Hop with 2 Mello


Jump around, jump around, jump around-yeah! This week we listen to classic hip-hop, and classic hip-hop inspired, video game music! It gets funky, it gets heavy, and then it gets cheesey… oh boy it gets cheesey in places 🙂

We are joined by the talented producer and video game composer, 2 Mello! (2064 Read Only Memories, Celeste) He wanted to jump on our show and talk about the cross-over of video games into hip-hop, and sometimes vice-versa. We talk about the use of samples, old hardware, and our favorite Jet Set Radio characters.

Go out NOW and check out 2 Mello’s JSR-inspired album Memories of Tokyo-To!


Track list:

  1. Humming the Bassline – Jet Set Radio – Dreamcast – Hideki Naganuma
  2. The Police Station – Revelations Persona – Playstation – Hidehito Aoki, Misaki Okibe, Kenichi Tsuchiya, Shoji Meguro
  3. Friday Brother (Club Court) – Street Slam (Dunk Dream/Street Hoop) – Neo Geo – Tatsuya Kiuchi
  4. Theme – Street Fighter III Third Strike – Arcade – Infinite and Hideki Okugawa
  5. The Roll & Bounce – de Blob 2 – Wii – John Guscott
  6. Theme of J.J. – Atsumare! Guru Guru Onsen – Dreamcast – Hideki Naganuma (my guess)
  7. Mirror Temple (Mirror Magic Mix) – 2 Mello
  8. Bathroom Rap – Parappa the Rapper – Playstation – Masaya Matsura
  9. Main Theme (Neo-SF Streets Mix) – Read Only Memories – PC – 2 Mello