Episode 34-1 Good Food

Are you hungry for some pizza after playing a Ninja Turtles game? Or how about a hankering for a big mushroom after playing some Mario Bros.? Good food is what brings us together, and good looking food in games is what we're talking about! Expect some good fruit, vegetables, grains, and everything else but the entire turkey dinner hidden inside the walls of Count Dracula's castle for some reason. Let's go! Listen to more of the show! https://rhythmandpixels.com Support the podcast! https://patreon.com/rhythmandpixels

Episode 23-6 Beat’em-Ups Then and Now

Finally a wholesome podcast about family-video-games. Games that feature WHIPS, CHAINS, AND THE MAYOR FIGHTING IN THE STREETS! You know, for kids! This week Rob and Pernell look at the roots of this bare-knuckled genre and follow its evolution to where it is today. What made early beat'em-ups so much fun to kids? What is keeping them relevant today? Who composed the theme song to Perfect Strangers and how are these things related? They may not be. Right? Okay now I'm just talking to myself. My therapist said I should really stop doing that.