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Episode 21-7 Card Games


We take a look at the raddest actions games ever made, turned into card games! But with no cards! So it’s still a video game! Okay hear me out, it’s a card game you play on the TV. And you don’t have to buy cards, but sometimes you do. That’s it no more questions enjoy the show!

Track list:

  1. Vantage Masters – Trails of Cold Steel 3 – PlayStation 4 – Falcom Soundteam jdk
  2. Cardfight 3 – Cardfight!! Vanguard: Lock on Victory – Nintendo 3DS – Takayuki Negishi
  3. Back on Path – The Witcher 3 – Marcin Przybyłowicz
  4. GR King Battle – Pokemon Card GB2 – Gameboy Color – Ichiro Shimakura
  5. Innocent Battle Victory In Sight – Culdcept Revolt – Nintendo 3DS – Kenji Ito, Yuuki Watanabe
  6. Track 4 – Wrestle Angels: Double Impact – PC Engine – Unknown
  7. Emotional Labor – Reigns her Majesty – Jim Guthrie, J J Ipsen
  8. Joy Joy – SNK vs Capcom: Card Fighters Clash  – Neo Geo Pocket Color – HIYA!, Mitsuo, MIWA (Shinsekai Gakkyoku Zatsugidan)
  9. Luigi’s Casino – Super Mario 64 DS – Nintendo DS – Koji Kondo

Episode 18-5 Capcom Chaos


This episode we think about games produced by Capcom, but maybe influenced by other games. Or ports onto other systems with special arranged soundtracks. It’s a chaotic Capcom episode! Pernell plays some heavy guitar riffs, and Rob plays some of the smoothest jazz arrangements he can find. There’s something for everyone!

Track list:

  1. Dante Battle – Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne – PlayStation 2 – Shoji Meguro
  2. Night Binder (Outside Makai: Moonlight Dark Castle, Morrigan) – Pocket Fighter (Pocket Fighter Remix, Arranged album with Capcom Sports Club) – Isao Abe and Tetsuya Shibata
  3. Cataclysm and Oracle – Cross Edge – PlayStation 3 – Kenji Kaneko
  4. Ready to Fight – Super Street Fighter II Turbo Grand Master Challenge – 3DO – Yoko Shimomura, arrangement and vocals unknown
  5. 3rd Boss – Cannon Spike – Dreamcast – Masaki Izutani, Toshiya Kobayashi, Michiaki Negoro, Katsuya Shikanouchi, Kokichi Ogi
  6. Magna Centipede – Mega Man Xtreme – Gameboy Color – Yuki Iwai (MMX2), arranged by Toshio Kajino, Saori Utsumi
  7. Napalm Man (We Are Rock Men  2) – Masahiro Aoki
  8. Knock You Out (Menu Theme) – Street Fighter III 3rd Strike Online Edition – Xbox 360 – Hideki Okugawa, Adam Tensta
  9. Link Mode – SNK vs Capcom Card Fighters Clash – Neo Geo Pocket Color – HIYA!, Mitsuo, MIWA (Shinsekai Gakkyoku Zatsugidan)