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Episode 8-10 Neo Geo


The Neo Geo is not only known for beautiful 2d sprite artwork, but also amazing music. You know the Neo Geo, you’d see the big red cabinet in the arcades, 4 brightly colored buttons, and often multiple games in the same system. Let’s dig in and have some fun!

Track list:

  1. New World (Ending) – The Super Spy – Neo Geo – Masahiko Hataya
  2. The Grand Canyon Golf Course USA- Neo Turf Masters – Jin Jin, Steve, Takushi Hiyamuta, Yoshimi
  3. Operation Desert Sandstorm BGM 6 – Over Top – Neo Geo – Hideko Yamamoto, Keiichiro Segawa, Takao Oshima
  4. Breakpoint Champs (Stadium Court) – Windjammers – Neo Geo – Seiichi Hamada, Tomoyoshi Sato
  5. It’s So Cool! – SNK vs Capcom SVC Chaos – Neo Geo – Masahiko Hataya, Yasumasa Yamada, Yasuo Yamate
  6. Both You and Me (Ice Stage 2) – Twinkle Star Sprites – Neo Geo – Keiichiro Segawa, Takao Oshima, Yuka Watanabe, Takeshi MuraMatsu
  7. Metal Slug ~ The Metal Slug Theme (Dimitry G Electro Remix) – DimitryG
  8. Terry’s Theme – VGMasters applebadge-sm
  9. Time Trial – Pochi and Nyaa – Neo Geo – Katsumi Tanaka, Daisuke Nagata, Ko Hayashi

Download episode 8-10 here!

Episode 7-5 Arcade Shmups


Get those reflexes ready, welcome to Bullet-Hell’s Kitchen! This week we dig into the soaring, energetic, and often manic tunes of arcade shoot’em-ups! We look at the old and new, horizontal and vertical, and the cute and insane! We also create a shooter based on Pernell, and Rob becomes an old man battling against impossible odds. Get your twitch on, it’s time for some shmups!

Track list:

  1. Out of Gravity – Airbuster – Tatsuya Watanabe
  2. East Asia (Stage 1) – DoDonPachi Dai-Ou-Jou Black Label  (Extra OST) – Manabu Namiki
  3. Disturbance at the Lakeshore Village – Deathsmiles – Manabu Namiki
  4. Will Force – Mamorukun Cursed! – Yousuke Yasui
  5. The Channel (stage 3) – In The Hunt – Ai Ai, Takushi Hiyamuta
  6. Bye Bye Mars Take II (Stage 3 Alternate) – Border Down – Yasuhisa Watanabe (Yack)
  7. Gradius ‘Perfect Selection’ – Parn
  8. Shinju Heading to The Forest (Arranged) – Mushihimesama, The Secret Lover – Manabu Namiki, Masaharu Iwata (arranged by Mitsuhiro Kaneda, Masaharu Iwata, Manabu Namiki, Kimihiro Abe)
  9. Round 3 – Ordyne – Shinji Hosoe

Download episode 7-5 here!