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Episode 21-2 PlayStation Power Hour


The Sony PlayStation turned 25 years old this year, so Rob and Pernell spend the episode reminiscing about their favorite PlayStation memories! We look at the launch titles for the PlayStation, and some favorites from the PS2 and PS3! And of course we can’t talk about the PlayStation without talking about rampant piracy. So don’t tell anyone, promise? Yeah we can trust you. Enjoy the show!

Track list:

  1. Rooftop Battle – Twisted Metal – PlayStation – Chuck E Meyers, Tom Hopkins, Lance Lenhart
  2. Kayin Amoh – Battle Arena Toshinden – PlayStation – Yausniro Nakano
  3. Theme of Sawada – Street Fighter: The Movie: The Game – PlayStation – Unknown
  4. Boss 4 – The Adventures of Cookie and Cream – PlayStation 2 – Kota Hoshino
  5. Repeated Tragedy (Raiden II first stage) – Raiden Project – PlayStation – Go Sato (RISE)
  6. Modern Times – Disgaea 3 – PlayStation 3 – Tempei Sato
  7. Gear Shifter (Ridge Racer) –Joshua Morse, Anthony Lofton (Ridge Racer Arrange 2013)
  8. Prelude to Bloody Tears – Richardson Erpelo
  9. Bloody Tears – Castlevania Chronicles – PlayStation – Akihiro Honda
  10. Credits – Battle Arena Toshinden – PlayStation – Yasuniro Nakano