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Episode 10-4 PC RPG Music with WASD


You! Traveler! Stop there! You may not enter the town of Pernellshire without first collecting some items I require. My family has been attacked by orcs, and I need you to collect 50 squirrel skins. There, off you go! No use standing around. Go on then.

That’s right, it’s all PC DOS music on today’s show! Specifically, we listen to music from RPGs for the PC from the mid to late 90s. We talk about the intense difficulty of the games, and share stories of MMO adventures from long ago. Specifically Puzzle Pirates!

And joining us is Austin Green from the PC music cover-band WASD!


Track list:

  1. Title – AD&D Champions of Krynn – DOS – John Halbeib
  2. Morte Theme (Alternate) – Planescape: Torment – PC – Mark Morgan, Richard Band
  3. Jhelom Theme – Ultima Online – PC – Kirk Winterrowd, Joe Basquez, Hal Milton
  4. Ending – Wizardry 7: Crusaders of the Dark Savant – PC – David W Bradley
  5. Metallic Monks (Lost Hills) – Fallout – PC – Mark Morgan
  6. Exploring the Plains – Baldur’s Gate – PC – Michael Hoenig
  7. Heroes and Hamsters – WASD
  8. Beer, beer, beer – The Bard’s Tale (2005) – PC – Tommy Tallarico, Clint Bajakian, Jared Emerson-Johnson, Peter McConnel, Michael Z Land
  9. Canyon.mid – WASD
  10. I’m a Medieval Man – Warcraft 2: Tides of Darkness – PC – Glenn Stafford

Download episode 10-4 here!

Episode 8-2: Dance Music


Last night a DJ saved my life with a 1-up! Our next two episodes will “club music” focused, with this episode being dance music. We’re talking four-to-the-floor beats, massive sub-woofers, and all the glow-sticks you can eat! We also talk about dancing at weddings (which we love to do) and fall in love with Yuzo Koshiro all over again.

Join us on the dance-floor, it’s going to be massive!

Track list:

  1. Rave Dance Tune (Bonus Stage) – Cool Spot – Genesis – Tommy Tallarico
  2. Disco descent – Crypt of the Necrodancer – Playstation 4, Steam – Danny Baronofsky
  3. Electric Toothbrush – Jet Set Radio – Dreamcast – Toronto (Tomonori Sawada)
  4. Johnny C. Bad – Final Fantasy VI – Super Nintendo – Nobuo Uematsu
  5. Circuit Theme A – Top Gear – Super Nintendo – Barry Leitch
  6. The Poets 2 – Streets of Rage 3 – Genesis – Yuzo Koshiro, Motohiro Kawashima
  7. Go Straight – Doni applebadge-sm
  8. Hydrocity Act 2 – JemenJ
  9. Wild Fields – Crystalis- NES – Yoko Osaka

Download episode 8-2 here!

Episode 7-8 Lucky Sevens!


How do we find such great video game tracks?  Is it the luck of the draw?  Is it lady-luck? I think it’s Pernell’s suave and sexy voice that calls out to great music like a siren song.  Either way, this week is a focus on casino, gambling, or just luck-based game stuff!  Enjoy!

Track list:

  1. Casino Night Zone (2 Player) – Sonic The Hedgehog 2 – Genesis – Masato Nakamura
  2. Good Luck! – Mario Party 3 – N64 – Ichiro Shimakura
  3. Las Vegas Is My Lady! – Super Caesar’s Palace – Super Nintendo – Tommy Tallarico, Steve Henefin
  4. Black Jack – Casino Kid – NES – Toshio Murai
  5. 2020 Casino – Vegas Stakes – Super Nintendo – Kimitaka Matsumae
  6. Casino of the Dead – Ni No Kuni – Playstation 3 – Akihiro Hino
  7. Golden Saucer – Final Fantasy VII Piano Collections
  8. Johto Game Corner Remix – GlitchxCity
  9. Casino – Monopoly 2 – Super Nintendo – Yasutsuna Sasaki

Download episode 7-8 here!