Episode 2-6 Water Levels

Download episode 2-6 here!

Sometimes you float, sometimes you swim, but usually you just die instantly! This week on the podcast we listen to great music used in video game water levels. Our selections range from chill to heavy rock, but still all sound watery!

Grab your swimsuit and goggles, the Rhythm and Pixels are going into the VGM deep end!

Track list:

  1. Round 2-1 Splashdown! – Ristar – Genesis – Tomoko Sasaki
  2. Seaside Theme – Dragons Curse – Turbografx 16 – Shinichi Sakamoto
  3. Save the Dam! – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – NES – Keizo Nakamura
  4. Swimming Against The Stream – Rayman Origins – Xbox 360 – Christophe Heral
  5. Aquatic Ambiance – Donkey Kong Country – SNES – David Wise
  6. Dive Man – Mega Man 4 – NES – Kouji Murata
  7. Promise of Redemption – The Megas
  8. Hydrocity Zone Remix – Plasma3Music
  9. Koopa Beach – Super Mario Kart – SNES – Soya Oka


1 comment

  1. Loved this episode! The Donkey Kong track is a masterpiece, but I was also gladly surprised to listen to the TMNT track here. As a kid, for some reason I found that game not only extremely hard (as everybody did), but also super interesting; I wanted my brothers to play it so that I could see more of it than I could by playing on my own (though none of them could get too far on the game either).


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