Episode 8-8 Painting with Matt


This is a nice relaxing episode, one with nothing to worry about. There are no mistakes, only happy VGM accidents. Joining us on the show is Matt Waldron from the Youtube channel Pernell and Matt Play Games! Matt shares his favorite Splatoon tunes, and Rob attempts some VGM karaoke.

Track list:

  1. Turf War (edit) – Splatoon – Wii U – Toru Minegishi, Shiho Fujii
  2. Jowee and Mari – Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter – Nintendo DS – David J Franco
  3. The Adventure Begins – Kirby and the Rainbow Curse – Wii U – Shogo Sakai, Megumi Ohara
  4. Gnat Attack 2 – Mario Paint – SNES – Hirokazu Tanaka, Ryoji Yoshitomi, Kazumi Totaka
  5. Mario Puzzle 2 – Mario no Super Picross – Super Famicom – Toshiyuki Ueno
  6. Hibana Smiling – Magic Pengel The Quest for Color – Playstation 2 – Zuntata
  7. The Friendly Faith Plate – Portal 2 – Xbox 360 – Mike Morasky
  8. Brave Warrior Oki – Okami – Playstation 2 – Masami Ueda, Hiroshi Yamaguchi, Rei Kondoh
  9. Seaskape – Splatoon – Wii U – Toru Minegishi, Shiho Fujii
  10. Stay Fresh (Splatoon News Alert Remix) – Ben Briggs
  11. Mario Paint Monkeys – The OneUps applebadge-sm
  12. De Blob Splashback – Vincent Chau
  13. Select Players – Anticipation – NES – David Wise

Download episode 8-8 here!

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