Episode 10-5 Rob Hubbard


Looking for the best C64 music the little computer system has to offer? How about the most ROCKIN Genesis tunes you’ve ever heard? Then look no further! We do a composer-focused episode devoted to none-other than Rob Hubbard!

Rob Hubbard is a Commodore 64 music composer master, and later on home consoles after accepting a position with Electronic Arts in the 90s. This is where we decide to focus on, the Rob Hubbard of our youth!

Track list:

  1. Vermont – Road Rash 2 – Genesis – Rob Hubbard
  2. Pacific Coast – Road Rash – Genesis – Rob Hubbard
  3. Theme – Lakers Versus Celtics NBA Playoffs – Genesis – Rob Hubbard
  4. Title – John Madden Football – Genesis – Rob Hubbard
  5. Skate Shop – Skate or Die – NES – Rob Hubbard
  6. Match Theme – Kings of the Beach – NES – Rob Hubbard
  7. Road Rash II Title Theme – Luke Jasnen
  8. Monty on the Run – Press Play On Tape
  9. Loader – Sanxion – Commodore 64 – Rob Hubbard

Download episode 10- here!

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