Episode 13-8 Romancing Ed from The VGMbassy


Turn the lights down low, and put your phone on Do Not Disturb. It’s time for slow jams. Romantic grooves. Smooth, and sexy music from video games is the topic for the week! We talk about how to describe the feeling of music, the problem with fan service in video games, and of course, free love-advice from the love gurus: Rhythm and Pixels.

Joining this week is Ed from the upcoming VGM podcast, The VGMbassy! Ed is a good friend of ours, and he brings a wealth of video game musical knowledge to the show that is second to none!

Check out his new podcast The VGMbassy, coming to a podcast player near you!


Track list:

  1. Birdman – Pilotwings 64 – N64 – Dan Hess
  2. Searching for Game – SC2VN – PC – Mondonate
  3. Enzo & Drive – Bayonetta – Playstation 3 – Hideki Kamiya
  4. Whip Me Hard! – Rumble Roses – PS2 – Sota Fujimori
  5. Love-struck – Sweet Fuse: At Your Side – PSP – Korakara Yosuke
  6. In the School – Akiko Premium – Sharp X68000 – Akira Sato (MUSE)
  7. Love Cassette From the Future [SPEED REMIX] (Deep Space Waifu) – Funny Death
  8. Your Reality is a Flickering Sunshine (DOKI DOKI Literature Club) – RobKTA
  9. Leisure Suit Larry Theme Remix – Andreas Wallström and NecroPolo
  10. Athletic Theme – Super Mario World – Super Nintendo – Koji Kondo


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