Episode 16-4 The Big Chill Holiday Show


Enjoy this wintry mix of music and laughs from the brothers-Rhythm and Pixels! For us, the holidays are all about spending times with your friends and family. So what better way to celebrate than to answer some listener questions! What games are we looking forward to 2019? What IS up with Xmas Nights? Why does Pernell keep singing Dragula by Rob Zombie? (I’m still trying to figure that one out)

Track list

  1. Yeehaw! – Sled Storm – PlayStation – Jeff van Dyck
  2. Cool Edge (Day) – Sonic Unleashed – Wii – Tomoya Ohtani
  3. Winter Sports Park  – Arctic Thunder – PlayStation 2 – Unknown
  4. Frozen Tundra – Dungeon Explorer 2 – Turbo Grafx CD – Compozilla
  5. Glacier – Snow – Steam – Adrian Bood
  6. Yosyonke Town – Mega Man Legends 2 – PlayStation – Makoto Tomozawa
  7. Kobito ga Santa Claus – Beatmania GB Gatcha Mix2 – Game Boy Color – Flower (Matsutoya Yumi) , arranged by Unknown
  8. Chilled to the Core (MM10) – klustr
  9. Glacier Cocktail – Rayman Origins – PlayStation 3 – Christophe Heral, Billy Martin


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