Episode 17-5 Magical Adventures with Lame Genie!


Rob and Pernell travel across strange lands in search of musical adventure! Together they find magical cars, flying robots, and the fastest hedgehog alive. (which is 5 mph, btw). Joining this week for a brief interview/hang-sesh are the rockstar boys from video game music mega group Lame Genie!

Lame Genie are a band from Rhode Island playing heavy rock video game music with a touch of humor! Thanks for hanging out with us!

Track list

  1. Men of War – Breath of Fire 4 – PlayStation – Yoshino Aoki
  2. High Speed Reactions (Stage 4, Sea of Clouds) – Gunbird 2 – Dreamcast – Masaki Izutani
  3. R&R Junkie – Phantom Brave – PlayStation 2 – Tenpei Sato
  4. Pacific Ocean Crossway Bridge – Outrunners – Sega Genesis – Takenobu Mitsuyoshi
  5. High and Broken – Sonic and the Secret Rings – Nintendo Wii – Fumie Kumatani
  6. Ripple Field 3 – Kirby’s Dream Land 3 – Super Nintendo – Jun Ishikawa
  7. Koopa’s Road (Super Mario 64) – Lame Genie
  8. Let the Speed Mend It – Sonic and the Secret Rings – Nintendo Wii – Kenichi Tokoi


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