Episode 20-1: Slime Time


Who’s got 2 podcast hosts and loves slime? This show! That’s who! So many games, with so many slimes, have so many great soundtracks! Spoiler, for some reason Rob and Pernell can’t seem to keep it together for this episode. So if you love deep discussion about the games we’re listening to, then listen anyway! Enjoy some slime-y time-y tunes!

Track list:

  1. Ruse of an ooze – Cuphead – Various Systems –  Kris Maddigan Studio
  2. Main Theme – Super Putty – SNES – Richard Joseph
  3. Those awful ravenous rainbows – Slime Rancher – Harry Mack
  4. Probot City – Mister Slime – Nintendo DS – L2P Team
  5. Slump town shuffle – Slime-san – Steam – Mischa Perella
  6. My Virtual World of Goo Corporation – World of Goo – Various Systems – Kyle Gabler
  7. Those awful ravenous rainbows (Slime Rancher) – BillyTheBard11th
  8. Unused (Sound Code 02) – The Ooze – Genesis – Howard Drossin
  9. Forest – Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime – Nintendo DS – Koichi Sugiyama

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