Episode 21-6 Your Favorites of the Decade


A hero emerges after the smoke cleared from our blow-out argument about the best games of the past decade. That hero is you, our listeners! We turn the microphone over to the internet and let you decide what are the best games you played over the past 10 years! We also play “Is This a Real Atari Game?”, so play along with us! Let us know how you did!

Track list:

  1. Night Wind – Tokyo Highway Battle – PlayStation – Yasutaka Hamada, Chamy, Masahiro Kusunoki
  2. Ludex Gundyr – Dark Souls III – Motoi Sakuraba
  3. Town Theme – Shining Force II – Genesis – Motoaki Takenouchi
  4. Theme X – Xenoblade Chronicles X – WiiU – Hiroyuki Sawano
  5. Prophecy – Salt and Sanctuary – James Silva
  6. Blood on the Cobblestones – The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Marcin Przybyłowicz
  7. Break Out Of… – Persona 4 Arena Ultimax – Atsushi Kitajoh, Lotus Juice, Shihoko Hirata  
  8. Vs. Plague Knight Remix (Shovel Knight) – RetroSpecter
  9. One Hell of a Time – Cuphead – Kris Maddigan

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