Episode 23-9 Hammer Time!


We’re back at it again with the wacky game topics! And don’t think for a second that Pernell isn’t going to rap like MC Hammer at some point during the show! When all your pixels are hammers, every game looks like a nail! Or something like that.

Track list

  1. 10AM – Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Switch – Kazumi Totaka
  2. Soul & Mind – Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy – PC – E’s Jammy Jams
  3. Job Tune 5 – Fantasy Life – Nobuo Uematsu
  4. Captain Malibu’s Theme – Weapon Shop de Omasse – Nintendo 3DS – Unknown
  5. Track 1 – Hammerin Harry: Ghost Building Company – Game Boy – Ikko Mimori
  6. Bred from the Gap (Theme of Astaroth and Lizardman) – Soul Calibur – Arcade, Dreamcast – Yoshihito Yano
  7. Hammer Theme (Donkey Kong) – 8 bit upgrade – EdmanXERO
  8. My Sweet Passion (Theme of Amy Rose) – Sonic Adventure – Dreamcast – Nikki Gregoroff
  9. The Happy Ghost Gang – Thousand Arms – PlayStation – Kazuhito Kikuchi, Daisuke Myachi

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