Episode 24-9 Pilots and Stuff with Chel Wong

Episode 24-9 Pilots and Stuff with Chel Wong


Robot pilots! Airplane pilots! Games with stuff! Our good friend and fantastic composer Chel Wong (@ChelWongAudio) joins us for a look at games with pilots and stuff! We joke about what makes a great video game pilot, and the discussion heads back into Sheep PlayStation game territory.

Chel Wong composes music and designs sounds for video games! Check out her award winning work in the puzzle/music game Kine, available in the Epic Games store!

Be sure to check out the upcoming game Noobs in Space from Zelgor Games, also containing music from Chel Wong!

Track list

  1. Luftrauser – Luftrausters – Jukio Kallio 
  2. Shop Theme – Biomotor Unitron – Neo Geo Pocket Color – Takuya Hanaoka
  3. Ice Cold – Thunderdogs – Maxo
  4. Of Rust and Ruin – Hawken – Paper Sound 
  5. Radical Battle – Damascus Gear: Operation Osaka
  6. Staff Roll / Name Entry – Sonic Wings 2 (Aerofighters 2) – Neo Geo CD – HOSO-Q, PIROWO arranged by Naoki Itamura
  7. Deep Space Theme – Noobs in Space – Chel Wong
  8. Jet Man Remix (Rokko Chan) – Fantomenk
  9. Suit Up (UN Squadron) – UN Squadron Remix Project Chandelle, Maname Matsumae remixed by k-wix (Dustin Kulwicki)
  10. Jet Man Stage – Megaman Unlimited – Kevin Phetsomphou

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