Episode 25-5 The Console Wars

Episode 25-5 The Console Wars


The podcast goes old-school this week as we compare our favorites from the 16-bit generation of video games! Pernell steps into the ring with killer music from the Super Nintendo. Rob wields a +16 critical Genesis synthesizer, ready to battle! We’re not doing a direct comparison of the systems, nor are we arguing which one is best! We are putting together what we think made each system special, and why we still love the music and games today.

Track list

  1. Staff Roll – Super Mario World – SNES – Koji Kondo
  2. Stage 4: The Library – World of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck – Genesis – Haruyo Oguro, Tomoko Sasaki
  3. Silence  Axelay – SNES – Taro Kudou, M. C. Ada
  4. Mission 2: Cilius Moon – Sol-Deace – Genesis – Motoi Sakuraba
  5. Bowser’s Castle – Super Mario Kart – SNES
  6. Alaska – Road Rash 2 – Genesis – Rob Hubbard, Don Veca
  7. Corridors of Time (Chrono Trigger) – Six One Forte
  8. The end of the millenium (Phantasy Star IV) – 1993 Arrange Bonus Track – Izuho Takeuchi, Arrangement is uncredited
  9. Woodman – Mega Man Soccer – SNES – Toshio Okamoto, Kenichi Tomizawa, Norihiko Togashi

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