Episode 26-4 Buddy Cops with Hammock from KVGM!

He’s the bad boy of video games, and he’s the musician who plays by the rules. Together they are fighting crime! I mean, they are listening to great music with their friend Hammock! (KVGM, The Last Wave) We’re listening to music that could be in a “buddy-cop” movie/television series. And IT RULES!

Episode 26-4 Buddy Cops with Hammock from KVGM

Let the music put you into the movie theater, watching two cops work together. Despite their differences, they both want justice! Heck, why would you just listen to the music, when you can listen to cold-reads Rob’s first screen-play: Pernell and Poochie: Crime Fighting Buddies for Life!

Hammock is the host of KVGM The Last Wave, the absolute chillest and most smoothest podcast ever created for the internet. Every WEEK you can get down with his smooth voice and the absolute sexiest music in video games ever composed. Listen here! http://www.kvgmradio.com/

  1. Main Menu – 4D Tennis – FM Towns – Edwin Dolinski
  2. FUNK – The Even More Incredible Machine – Panasonic 3DO – Tim Clarke
  3. Corpus Delicti – Beat Cop – Piotr Musial
  4. Midori Eyes – Paradise Killer – Barry “Epoch” Topping
  5. Layer Cake – Persona 5 – Shoji Meguro
  6. Knockturnal – Block Knockers – Nintendo Switch – Opus Science Collective 
  7. Ending & Staff – Neil Baldwin (Lethal Weapon, Game Boy)
  8. Title – Puzznic – Amiga – Tim Follin
  9. Castle (New Super Mario Bros) – Noteblock
  10. Unknown (Sound Code 89) – Naofumi Hataya (Nikkan Sports Pro Yakyuu VAN, Sega Mega Drive)

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