Episode 26-8 The Sega Channel

In the 90s Sega fought the rental market with a radical new idea: stream video games directly to consumers. Rob and Pernell listen to music special to the Sega Channel, and the exclusive games brought to North America.

The Sega Channel brought video games to consumers directly to their consoles through the cable television network. This was not only a revolution for gaming, it pioneered a whole new way to browse the internet: cable broadband. Enjoy these solid Genesis/Mega Drive tunes from the good-old days of Sega!

Track list

  1. Baker’s Funk, Sports Arena/The Think Tank – Sega Channel – Genesis – John Baker
  2. Wily Tower 2 – Mega Man: The Wily Wars – Mega Drive – Kinuyo Yamashita
  3. Fantasy Land, Main Theme/Test Drives – Sega Channel – Genesis – John baker
  4. Labyrinth – Landstalker – Genesis – Motaki Takenouchi
  5. Slow Movement – Dyna Brothers 2 – Mega Drive – Masami Yitsuse
  6. Cycle Partition – Pulseman – Mega Drive – Junichi Masuda
  7. Boss Opera (October/July Theme) Arranged – Howard Drossin “Virtual Sonic”
  8. Welcome to Our Town (Shining Force 2 ) – Amigoiga Sax
  9. Ending Theme, Options Menu – Power Drive – Mega Drive (US Sega Channel Exclusive) – Kevin Bruce

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