Episode 29-2 16 bit Seattle


Our Summer of 16-bit carries on with one of our more abstract topics: The city of Seattle! We decided to pick games and music that best represent a city that we both love to visit! Be warned though! This episode contains an excessive amount of FUNK and FUN! FUN FUNK!

Track list

  1. Play Ball! – Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball – SNES – Chris Jojo, Paul Tonge, Matthew Cannon, Geoff & Tim Follin
  2. The Third Pillar / Future Tower – Penny Arcade’s On the Rain Slick Precipice of Darkness Ep 4 –  Steam, Xbox 360 – Hyperduck Soundworks
  3. Game Won – Ken Griffey Jr. Winning Run – SNES – Eveline Novakovic 
  4. Stage 4-2 – Ninja Ryukenden – PC-Engine – Makiko Tanifuji?
  5. Main Theme – NBA Hangtime – SNES – John Hey, Kevin Quinn
  6. Keiryu Theme – Umihara Kawase – SNES – Pas de Chat
  7. BOWELS OF TORMENT (Super Metroid) – Viking Guitar x Masikus
  8. Cheese Grater (Skitchin) – RealKCT (Jeff Van Dyke)
  9. Caffeine Dream – Skitchin – Genesis – Jeff Van Dyke

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