Episode 29-6 Cartoons


This week we’re going deep into 90s nostalgia. I’m talking ninjas, monsters, cats, and whatever the Animaniacs were! So let’s jam out to some amazing tunes from the 16bit era of gaming, cartoon style!

Track list

  1. Opening Theme/Intro Movie – Garfield: Caught In The Act – Genesis – Tristan des Pres, Dwight Stone, Jeffrey Tveraas
  2. Gymnasium 3 – AAAHH! Real Monsters – SNES – Greg Turner
  3. Stage 2 Swimming Pool Song – The Flintstones – Genesis – Unknown
  4. Studios 2-1 – The Animaniacs – Genesis – Seiya Murai
  5. Zarm’s Doomsday Barge – Captain Planet and the Planeteers – Mega Drive – Unknown
  6. Fetch! – Family Dog – SNES – Mark Van Heck
  7. Sewer Surfing Eurobeat Remix (TMNT Turtles In Time) – Dominic Ninmark
  8. Trail Dust and Turtle Wax (Bury My Shell at Wounded Knee Stage 7) – Viking Guitar
  9. Peaceful Lakeside – The Smurfs Travel The World – Genesis – Frédéric Mentzen

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