Episode 29-8 Summer Games Challenge


This year we challenged each other, and our listeners, to complete games over the Summer! This week we’re listening to music from the games we finished! Get ready for some fresh tunes and arcade classics, because we’re going through our SUMMER GAMES CHALLENGE!

Track list

  1. Starry Ocean – Powered Gear: Strategic Variant Armor Equipment – Arcade – Capcom Sound Team: Alph Lyla, credited as Anachey Takapon
  2. Battle 1 – Shining Force – Genesis – Masahiko Yoshimura
  3. Find Out The Shiva System! (Stage 7-1) – Battle Circuit – Arcade – Syun Nishigaki, credited as Syun)
  4. Final Battle – Worlds End Club – Switch, Apple Arcade – Jun Fukuta
  5. Silver Ice Sheet (Mission 4) – 19XX: The War Against Destiny – Arcade – Syun Nishigaki, credited as Syun)
  6. Labyrinth on the sky – Wonder Boy: Asha In Monster World – Jin Watanabe arranged by Kaori Nakabai
  7. A Brand New Day – Capcom Arcade Stadium – Zac Zinger, Buku
  8. Voices – The Medium – Akira Yamaoka, Mary E McGlynn
  9. World 2 – Dadish – Android – Unknown

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