Episode 29-10 Pernell Breaks Free


We are free from the (self-imposed) restraints of our Summer of 16-bit! Though Rob may be running head-first into his Winter of 8-bit, Pernell has decided to break free! This week we’re listening to music that he has been wanting to play on the show but wasn’t able to! So buckle-up, it’s about to get AWESOME!

Track list

  1. Sophie and The Blackbirds – SkateBIRD – Nathan Madsen
  2. Yellow Invitation – Mad Rat Dead – Camellia
  3. Abyssal Depths / Echocave Boss – 30XX – Cityfires
  4. Eldritch Disco – Batbarian: Testament of the Primordials – Will Savino
  5. Armory/Options Menu – Mighty Goose – Dominic Ninmark
  6. Enforcers Wrath – Star Renegades – Steve London
  7. Unwavering Emotions (Pokemon Black & White) – Duzzled for his album Dynamaxed on GameChops
  8. Subterranea theme cover (Astalon Tears of the Earth) – Purple Hat Music
  9. Breath of Forest – Mad Rat Dead – Kazuya Takasu

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