Episode 32-1 Ukrainian Games


In light of the atrocities occurring in Ukraine, this week we’re doing a special focus on Ukrainian game developers and musicians. Of course not all the tracks are composed by Ukrainian musicians, but the games were developed or published from the Ukraine. Please consider supporting the effort with a donation to any of the following charities: UNICEF USA, International Medical Corps, Heart to Heart International, Project HOPE

Also included in this week’s episode is another segment of Pernell’s Board Game Beats! This week we’re looking at the game City Builder: Ancient World by Connor McGoey from Inside Up Games!

Track list

  1. Ogmire City, Ogmrie Dungeon – Darkened Skye – Gamecube – Eugene Zukov, Oleg Bondarenko, Alexey Chikry
  2. Acid Chicken in Space – Breakquest Extra Evolution –  Maniacs of Noise
  3. Body Parts – Unbound Saga – Xbox – Jason Novak
  4. Boar Assault Theme – Suvarium – Volodymyr Savin
  5. Don’t forget – Metro 2033 – Alexey Omelchuk
  6. Riga – Metro 2033 – Alexey Omelchuk
  7. Unappreciated Beauty – Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 – Mikolai Stroinski feat. Aurelia Shrenker
  8. Magrunner Mix 1 – Magrunner: Dark Pulse – Sergey KNOB Lubinsky

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