Episode 32-4 Get Charged Up!


It’s springtime and we’re listening to tracks that get us charged up! There was a little confusion with what Pernell meant by “charged up”, but they work it out! In the end you’ll find a selection of super-charged and super charged up tracks perfect for your Spring break!

Track list

  1. Track 12 (Tutorial?) – Detective Pikachu – Nintendo 3DS – Takuto Kitsuta
  2. Children’s Sketchbook – Guitar Freaks 6th Mix – Arcade – Hirofumi Sasaki
  3. Street – Virtua Cop 3 – Arcade – Sachio Ogawa
  4. Fuse Man – Mega Man 11 – Marika Suzuki
  5. Theme of Phoenix Wright (Turnabout Mode) – Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 – PlayStation 3, XBox 360 – Masakazu Sugimori arranged by Hideki Fukasawa
  6. Overworld – Dokapon Kingdom – Yoshiyuki Ishii
  7. Sarah Sowertty (Stage 2-1) Arranged – Undercover Cops – HIYA-UNIT (Takushi Hiyamuta) arranged by Michiru Oshima
  8. Power Plant Piano/Techno Remix (Sonic Heroes) – xTrickyWolf
  9. Guar Plains – Xenoblade Chronicles – ACE+: CHiCO (Hiroyo Yamanaka), Kenji Hiramatsu, Tomoi Kudo

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