Episode 33-2 Summer Kick-off


Summer is just around the corner and we’re getting excited for our favorite summer activities! Barbecues? Hiking? Swimming? Beach lounging? No! It’s playing video games of course! We’re talking all about the games we aspire to play and finish this summer, and listening to the excellent music within. Pull up a chair, grab a frosty beverage, and join us!

Also on the show is a new boardgame review! This week Pernell looks at Maglev Metro, from Bezier Games!

Track list

  1. To Far Shores – TUNIC – Lifeformed (Terence Lee) x Janice Kwan
  2. Village of Inoa – Alundra – PlayStation – Kohei Tanaka
  3. Mycelium – Cloud Gardens – Amos Roddy, M. Robertson
  4. The General’s Last Stand – Cristales – Tyson Wernli
  5. Strange Dance (Stage 3) – Dodonpachi Dai-Ou-Jou Black Label Extra – Manabu Namiki
  6. Battle 2 – Dodgeball Academia – Leonardo Lima
  7. Silver Surfer BGM 1 (Silver Surfer, NES) – Tim Follin, The Mad Gear
  8. The Sunset Hill Guitar Cover (Sonic Advance 3) – The Guitar Hero
  9. Back To Your Roots (Cackle Tower) – Shantae and The Pirate’s Curse – Jake Kaufman
  10. Balfour Mauriat – Feda The Emblem of Justice – Super Nintendo – Hidehiko Enomoto

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