Episode 34-2 Detective Work


Put on your trench-coats and grab your magnifying glasses because this week we’re playing detective! Our first case? What are some great game music tunes? Our first clue? Great listener track suggestions and testimonials!

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Track list

  1. Bradbury Building – Blade Runner – PC – Frank Klepacki
  2. Chandler Avenue – Under A Killing Moon – PC – Larry Bastian, Jon Clark, Eric Heberling
  3. Streets Theme – Dick Tracy – NES – George Sanger, David Hayes
  4. Town – Thimbleweed Park – Steve Kirk
  5. Title Track – Psychic Detective Final: Solitude Jyoukan – FM Towns CD – Yasuhito Saito
  6. Peoria Streets Theme – Deja Vu – NES – Hiroyuki Masuno, Kento’s Group
  7. Famicom Detective Club: The Girl who Stands Behind – Kenji Yamamoto, performed by the Mario Freaks Orchestra (Arrangement: Seiji Kameda)
  8. AI: Somnium Files – KokkAI Cover (AI: Somnium Files) – Keisuke Ito, covered by Somniatica
  9. Suspicion – Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective – Nintendo DS – Masakazu Sugimori

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