Episode 36-3 Plants with Chris from Gameable Audio!


Walking and talking plants? Evil-Eartth-destroying plants? Cute and collectable plants? We’ve got them all on this week’s podcast! We’re listening to music from games with great and memorable plant-life! Will each plant-like character make a good salad? Rob seems to think so! Also, lots of talk about candy.

Joining on this week’s show is long time listener, and now guest, Christopher Schenstrom! Chris hosts the fantastic podcast Gameable Audio! Gameable Audio is a VGM Podcast where Chris either talks to or about composers and their work either in or around video games, having an actual composer and artist as guests is the large part in why this Podcast is a unique kind of its own in the podcast sphere. Check out his show here! https://podlink.to/GameableAudio

Track list

  1. Petey Piranha’s Theme – Mario Strikers Charged Football – Nintendo Wii – Mike Peacock, Darren Radtke, Chad York
  2. Botanic Panic – Cuphead – Kris Maddigan
  3. Mokujin – Tekken 3 – PlayStation – sanodg/Nobuyoshi Sano
  4. Eviltronic Tilt – Wunderling – Oscar “Ratvader” Rydelius
  5. Farming on Forever – Plantera – Jesse Valentine
  6. Song of Growth (Summer’s plant-growing song) – Spiritfarer – Max LL 
  7. Zombies on your Lawn (Plants vs Zombies) – Laura Shigihara covered by Dungeon Elite 
  8. Terraria – Plantera Intense Symphonic Metal Cover by FalKkone
  9. River Stage Remix (Marvel Vs Capcom 2) – Tetsuya Shibata and Mitsuhiko Takano, remix by LUCKYRiCK!
  10. Menu – Plants vs Zombies – Laura Shigihara

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