Episode 36-5 More Mario with Mustin!


How many more Marios can you handle? If you said “one more episode”, then we are relieved! This week we’re taking a second look at some beloved Mario (and Wario) games! Joining us on this journey is former guest and founding member of The One Ups, Mustin!

Mustin is also promoting his new album, Mario Mixtape! Hours of Mario music in multiple styles and genres!
The best place to enjoy the Mario Mixtape:  https://bit.ly/mariomixtapeyt
Available everywhere you like to listen: https://bit.ly/mariomixtape
Get the exclusive bonus track when buying from: https://bit.ly/mariomixtapecd

Track list

  1. Underwater Course – Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land – Game Boy – Ryoji Yoshitomi, Kozue Ishikawa
  2. Crescent Moon Village – Wario Land 4 – Game Boy Advance – Ryoji Yoshitomi
  3. Title Theme – Mario Artist: Talent Studio – N64 DD – Unknown 
  4. Sub-Castle – Super Mario World – SNES – Koji Kondo
  5. Boss Battle (Super Mario Sunshine) – Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games – Various
  6. Star Maze – Super Mario Land 2 – Game Boy – Kazumi Totaka
  7. Game Over (Super Mario World) – Mario Mixtape by Mustin
  8. Attack of the Airships (Super Mario Galaxy) – Mario Mixtape by Mustin
  9. Extra Levels – Mario & Wario – Super Famicom – Ryoji Yoshitomi

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