Bonus Beats 13 The King of Fighters Arranged

We're rocking out to a mega-mix from the arranged albums of The King of Fighters! The KOF series has some great original music, and the arranged albums from the SNK Sound Team are exceptional! You'll find rock, funk, jazz, and more! Listen to more of the podcast! Support the show!

Episode 31-9 Our Four in February

he gauntlet was thrown and your two podcast-heroes must now decide: how many video games can you play in February! That's right, we're listening to music from games we played and completed all last month! Get ready for some retro classics as well as some fresh new games! Either way there is a ton of great music and laughs! Listen to more of the podcast! Support the show!

Episode 31-8 Your Four in February

A few weeks ago we challenged our listeners to complete four games in February, and we're back to see you how you did! Pernell has his grading-pen and Rob is ready to dole out the A's! Expect some awesome tunes, a brief history of some arcade games, and dramatic readings of your completed games! Listen to more of the show! Support the podcast!

Episode 31-7 Wacky Tunes with Rayjkayj!

Have you ever played a video game and thought, this song just doesn't belong? Or maybe, wow this track is way better than anything else? And in some cases, the song is just plain wacky! This week on the show we're listening to funky jams and wacky vocal samples in great classic video games! Joining us this week is friend and fellow podcaster Rayjkayj! Rayjkayj is the host of the fine podcast VGMporium! Shopping for some great music or obscure video game tunes? You'll find it all at The VGMporium! Listen to more Rhythm and Pixels! Consider supporting the show!

Episode 31-6 Nintendo Power Hour: A Tribute to GilvaSunner

This podcast is going to Ninten-do what Nintendo won't! I mean, Ninten-don't take this podcast down, Nintendo, please! This week is a sort-of tribute to the great YouTube channel GilvaSunner. GilvaSunner uploaded (mostly) Nintendo soundtracks and took down his channel last month after a flurry of Copyright blocks. I mean, we get it, it's their licensed property. But YouTube is also one of the few ways to find this music online! So this week we're going to listen to some awesome Nintendo music in tribute everyone who uploads video game music on the internet! Listen to more of the show! Support the podcast!

Episode 31-5 Fly Cry Baby

This week's episode is all about new classic Neo Geo games, and 1960's R&B music! We're picking apart all the flies, byes, and cries from this baby and serving up a musical podcast that will blow your mind! Or at least tap your toes! Pernell gets into the finer points of the 90s Darkstalkers animated series, while Rob imagines the perfect after-school visual novel! And of course, great music from games classic to new! Listen to more of the show! Support the podcast!

Episode 31-4 More Unexpected Multiplayer

We reach out to our listeners for music and game suggestions featuring hidden, unlockable, and otherwise unexpected multiplayer modes! And believe me we got some GREAT music picks! Rob also brings back a fan favorite: BIG STUPID QUIZ GAME! Can you name all the video game team members? Who knew so many NES games had protagonists with full first and last names!? Find more o the podcast! Support the show!

Episode 31-2 Our Top Games of 2021

Have we got a big show for you! Rob and Pernell look back at the year of game releases and listen to tracks from their favorites of 2021! Well, let's be honest, Pernell is picking from his favorite games. Rob only played one game last year, so he picks from games released last year that he's stoked to play this year! And you know what, just maybe this time around he'll do it! Listen to more of the podcast! Support the show! VGM T-shirts!

Episode 31-1 Unexpected Multiplayer

So you thought you were playing a single-player game, and you THOUGHT this was just an ordinary video game music podcast. You thought wrong! This week on the show we're talking about games with unexpected multiplayer modes and unexpected multiplayer experiences! Two-players and one-controller? Why not! Hidden versus-mode? Let's do this! Podcast with serious jams? You know it! Find more of the show! Support the podcast! VGM Shirts and Hoodies!