Bonus Beats: Mahjong Games

We're changing things up this week with a special Bonus Beats mixtape! Our focus this time is on the smooth and funky world of Mahjong games! While some of these games may be on the mature side, every one of these tracks is sure to please the whole family. Enjoy! Find more of the podcast! Support the show!

Episode 29-7 Anime

We're taking it back to the days of big eyes, big swords, and big fight scenes! That's right, we're kicking it old-school with 16-bit style anime games! Lots of nostalgia in this episode, everything from searching for anime VHS tapes to arguing who your favorite Ranma character is! Lots of great tunes in this episode too, these tracks are rocking! Find more of the podcast! Support the show!

Episode 29-6 Cartoons

This week we're going deep into 90s nostalgia. I'm talking ninjas, monsters, cats, and whatever the Animaniacs were! So let's jam out to some amazing tunes from the 16bit era of gaming, cartoon style! Find more of the podcast! Support the show and get access to more content and cool stuff!

Episode 29-5 16-bit RPGs for Patreon!

This week on the show we asked our listener for your favorite 16-bit generation RPGs! It's important to share the things you love with your friends, so we follow up a fan-favorite with another! We listen to music from your favorite games, and hear all about what makes them special to you! There was so much good music that we extended our Bonus Round with extra tracks! This episode was recorded live in front of our Patreon members! If you would like to be part of next month's episode, consider becoming a member! Find more of the show here!

Episode 29-4 RPGs That Don’t Start With Final Fantasy

The Summer of 16-bit wouldn't be complete without a focus on one of our favorite genres: role playing games! This generation was certainly formative for the genre, some would even say its best. But we say there is more to love in the 16-bit world of RPGs than Final Fantasy! Find more of the podcast! Support the show! Cool VGM Shirts!

Episode 29-3 Adam Fligsten

We’re taking a short break in our Summer of 16-bit to welcome a guest on the show! Joining us is veteran composer Adam Fligsten! We talk about game composition, early hip-hop, metroidvanias, and his latest projects. Find more from Adam at Discover more of the show at Support the podcast and get access to exclusive content!

Episode 29-2 16 bit Seattle

Our Summer of 16-bit carries on with one of our more abstract topics: The city of Seattle! We decided to pick games and music that best represent a city that we both love to visit! Be warned though! This episode contains an excessive amount of FUNK and FUN! FUN FUNK! Find more of the show! Support the podcast!

Episode 29-1 Patreon Goes To The Movies

We don't always revisit topics, but when we do... That's right we're deep into the Summer of 16-bit and talking about games based on movies! There are Batmans, Bruce Willises, and Michael J Foxes! Oh My! Not all of these games may be good, but we can all agree they have fantastic music! This episode was recorded live for our Patreon members! If you would like to be a part of future shows, considering becoming a member! Find more of the show!

Episode 28-10 Martial Arts with Carlos

Karate! Judo! Kung-Fu! Shaq-Fu! Martial-arts and video-games go together like peanut-butter and chocolate, mostly! We're listening to games from the 16-bit generation that are focused on martial-arts, or have martial-arts focused characters! Joining us on the show this week is Carlos from the Heroes Three Podcast! Heroes Three is all about Asian-cinema and, you guessed it, martial-arts movies! Carlos brings with him a special quiz to play at home: Is this a real kung-fu movie? We have a great time chatting about action movies, cartoons, and of course video games! Check out the Heroes Three Podcast here! Find more Rhythm and Pixels Support the show!

Episode 28-9 Summer of 16-bit: Run’N’Gun

Ready for some serious JAMS? Get ready for some Schwarzenegger cross Stallone 16-bit action! That's right, we're listening to the most manly-manly of classic game genres: run and gun! There's a small debate as to what the genre is exactly, but there's one thing for sure: we will be running. And there might be some explosions! And breaking into song like out of a musical, the musical version of Predator am I right!? Find more of the show! Support the podcast!