RetroWorldExpo Music Battle!

We're taking the show on the road with this very special LIVE episode recorded at RetroWorldExpo in Hartford, Connecticut! After hours of travelling together, the boys are ready to let off some steam and settle their differences PODCAST STYLE! Performed for a live audience, we choose tracks in similar topics, and have our fellow podcast-friends judge the winners! It was a good and silly time and we hope you enjoy it! Listen to more of the show! Consider supporting the podcast!

Bonus Beats: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

We’re transporting you back to the early 90s when four teenaged reptiles ruled the world! This special bonus-beats episode is a mixtape of all the amazing music from the TMNT games from the 1989 NES game to the most recent game Shredder’s Revenge! We’re also including music from the same game that was ported to different consoles and computer systems just so you can get a taste of those delicious sound chips! So sit back, grab a sugary soda drink, and be prepared to rock out to some of the best game music ever created for a game featuring turtles that are ninjas! Listen to more of the show! Support the podcast!

Episode 33-10 Gambling Games

Rob and Pernell hit the town with dreams to win BIG in this week’s episode! We’re listening to music from video games based on casino games, and other games of chance. We also go on a long tangent about Hanna-Barbera franchise live-action movies. How many were there? Were they any good? Does it have any relevance to the games or music? Probably not, but it was a fun ride! Don’t forget that you can catch Rhythm and Pixels LIVE at Retro World Expo in Hartford, CT on August 27th! We’ll be bringing our unique blend of music, jokes, and fun for a full 2 hours! Listen to more of the show! Support the podcast!

Episode 33-9 Your Masters of VGM

The multi-podcast event “Masters of VGM” isn’t quite over yet! This week we asked our listeners to submit music from composers they consider to be the absolute MASTER of video game music! Everyone is spot-on with excellent music selections, and excellent testimonials! It’s great to hear what you chose, since we had to constrain ourselves to just four! Listen to more of the show! Support the podcast!

Episode 33-8 Sonic Handhelds

Rob and Pernell continue their love for Sonic music by focusing on games on handheld consoles! No Tiger Electronics here! We’re looking specifically at games created exclusively for handheld consoles, not ported from 16bit to 8bit. And of course, games on the Nintendo Switch can go for a walk-about whenever you feel like it, so those can’t count too! Get ready for a funky ride with the speedy blue mascot we all love! Find more of the show! Support the podcast!

Episode 33-7 Wildcard Family

There's no topic this week, just excellent music from some strange new games! We have chill tracks, sexy tracks, punk tracks, and lots of family talk. Speaking of which, Pernell's nephew makes a surprise appearance to listen to some jams with uncle! Get ready to ooh-and-aww at the family love! Listen to more of the show! Support the podcast!

Episode 33-6 Pirates vs Ninjas with Carlos!

This week we celebrate those that sail the seas looking for adventure, and those who hide in the shadows looking for ... um, shurikens? Ninjas and pirates have been popular themes for video games since the beginning of video games! So why not take a look at the music from both! We also talk a bunch about Super Metroid at the beginning, so look out for that 😀 Joining us on the show is a Rhythm and Pixels all-star: Carlos! Carlos is an artist, gamer, music lover, and co-host of the Heroes Three podcast! Carlos is also an expert on both ninjas and pirates, holding degrees in both fields of study. Meaning, he’s played a lot of video games with pirates and ninjas! Find more of the podcast! Support the show!

Episode 33-5 Sonic Origins

To celebrate the release of Sonic Origins, Rob and Pernell take a look at some of their favorite music from the original Genesis releases! Lots of talk about the games, graphics, music, and how they evolved from sequel to sequel. And of course we talk a bit about the music development of the third game, the prototypes, arrangements, and the influence Michael Jackson has on the tracks. Enjoy! Find more of the podcast! Consider supporting the show!

Episode 33-4 Hot Patreon Summer

The Summer is getting HOT and the music is getting HOTTER! And don't the forget the games! The games! All of those games you will one day finish when you have the time! We ask our listeners for their best hot Summer video-game-jams, and they come through! Let's listen together! Find more of the podcast! Support the show!

R&P Presents: Masters of VGM

Part of a multi-podcast event, The Masters of VGM is a way for us to celebrate the composers that have made an impact on the video game industry, and on ourselves! Rob and Pernell each chose 4 composers to represent The Masters, and 2 pieces of music that show why we call them: The Masters! Want to find more of the show? Support the podcast and get cool stuff!