Episode 26-10 Winter Blitz

It's frozen outside and we're locked up in our houses playing video games! This week we ask our listeners to DJ and choose their favorite winter and winter-adjacent game music! Look out for the fun quiz: Is This A Real 3DO Game? Let us know how well you did! Don't worry, Pernell didn't laugh himself to death, he only lost his voice for a few days. Full track list and more episodes at https://rhythmandpixels.com Support the show! https://patreon.com/rhythmandpixels

Episode 6-10 Pause, Save, and Tutorial

We got another great topic this week from one of our fantastic listeners! Well, we expanded on it a little, because there were some tracks we really wanted to play on the show 🙂 Our focus is on music outside of the action and drama, and instead on times where you're encouraged to take a moment for yourself.

Episode 3-8 Kingdom Hearts

Simple and clean is the way you'll feel after listening to our newest episode, and that's a Rhythm and Pixels promise! We don't even attempt to figure out how the story works in these games. All we care about is Lilo, Stitch, and CHICKEN LITTLE. And of course great music by one of the best there is: Yoko Shimomura.

Want the full track list? Check out the website! http://rhythmandpixels.com