Episode 26-10 Winter Blitz

Episode 26-10 Winter Blitz

It’s frozen outside and we’re locked up in our houses playing video games! This week we ask our listeners to DJ and choose their favorite winter and winter-adjacent game music! Look out for the fun quiz: Is This A Real 3DO Game? Let us know how well you did! Don’t worry, Pernell didn’t laugh himself to death, he only lost his voice for a few days.

Track list

  1. BGM 22 – Cool Boarders 2 – PlayStation – Jason Page
  2. Snowy Peaks – Ultionous: A Tale of Petty Revenge – Virt
  3. Ice Dungeon – Dungeon Explorer – Sega CD – Jin Watanabe, Shinichi Sakamoto
  4. Passing Memories – Legend of Mana – PlayStation – Yoko Shimomura
  5. Intellimedia Sports Theme – ESPN: Let’s Go Skiing – 3DO – Patrick Belden
  6. Big Top Bop – Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze – David Wise
  7. Kiss – Steep Slope Sliders – Sega Saturn – Nap on Monday
  8. Gerudo Valley Theme (Zelda) – dj-jo https://dj-jo.com
  9. No!! – Trick’n Snowboarder (Tricky Sliders JP) – PlayStation – Akari Kaida, Masami Ueda

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