Episode 27-1 Speed Limit with Matija Malatestinic

Episode 27-1 Speed Limit with Matija Malatestinic


Have a need for speed? We have the composer of the new hit indie game Speed Limit joining us on the show, Matija Malatestinic! We talk about everything from musical influences to favorite games to heavy metall. Throughout the show we’re also listening to music from games inspired by the genre-bending action game Speed Limit. Enjoy the show and don’t forget your seatbelt!

Matija talks about his work on his blog at Game Chuck here: https://game-chuck.com/2020/11/17/this-is-how-we-made-our-awesome-speed-limit-soundtrack/

Find more from Matija!

Track list

  1. Desert Ruins Act 1 – Sonic Lost World – Wii U – Tomoya Ohtani, Takahito Eguchi
  2. Mach Runner – Canabalt – Danny Baranowsky
  3. Run! – Speed Limit – Matija Malatestinic
  4. Gunnit – Speed Limit – Matija Malatestinic
  5. Autodaemmerung – Speed Limit – Matija Malatestinic
  6. Tunnel Vision – Speed Limit – Matija Malatestinic
  7. Full throttle – Speed Limit – Matija Malatestinic
  8. Main Menu – Speed Limit – Matija Malatestinic
  9. Wheel Gator (Mega Man  X2) Wheels of Steel – vmike
  10. Main Theme – Spy Hunter (2001) – PlayStation 2 – Henry Macini’s theme to Peter Gunn arranged and performed by Saliva (?)
  11. Dash Race – 3D Dot Heroes – Shinji Hosoe, Yosuke Yasui, Ayako Saso, Shoichiro Sakamoto, Teruo Taniguchi, Takahiro Eguchi, Norihiro Hurukawa

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