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Episode 19-8 What Is A Street Fighter


In the world of Street Fighter there are sumo wrestlers, karate masters, and even yoga masters. Now there are podcast hosts! Rob stumps Pernell with hottest trivia game: Is This A Real Street Fighter Move!?

This week’s episode was recorded live in a front of a live Patreon member audience! If you’d like to join us for another episode, consider supporting us 🙂

Track list:

  1. Title – Jar’s Revenge – C64 – Sacha Zeidler AKA Linus
  2. Kakariko Crypt – Cadence of Hyrule – Switch – Danny Baranovsky
  3. Gun Metal Action – Wild Arms 3 – PlayStation 2 – Michiko Naruke
  4. Alley Cat Blues – TMNT 4 – SNES – Kozo Nakamura
  5. Bird That Carries You Over A Disproportionately Small Gap – Undertale – Multiple – Toby Fox
  6. Final Boss – Shikhondo Soul Eater – 500ml, BeggarPrince
  7. Have Faith – Crimson Shroud – Nintendo 3DS – Mitsuhiro Kaneda
  8. Login Theme Remix (MapleStory) – JVNA
  9. Cuphead Rap – JT Music
  10. Main Theme – Yomawari: Midnight Shadows – You Ohyama

Episode 3-3 Rhythm Games

Download episode 3-3 here!

Get into the groove, boy you got to prove, you’re up to-great video game music! This week’s episode is all about music for rhythm games, which sounds like “music for music games”. Which it is! It’s a different kind of episode where Rob and Pernell listen to great songs composed for games where the song is the game. It’s strange, but trust us on this.

They also get a little nostalgic for the glory days of Konami’s rhythm arcade game explosion. But come on, who doesn’t like singing and dancing in arcades? Because we like it. We like it A LOT.

Track list:

  1. 777 – Pop’n Music 8 – Eel
  2. Heaven Above – Beatmania IIDX 14 Gold – Kors K
  3. Chilblain – Pop’n Music 16 – Glaring Radio Kids
  4. Samurai Blue – Moero! Nekketsu Rhythm Damashii Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan 2 – ZZ
  5. Keys To The World – DJ Max Technica – Planetboom
  6. Zone 3-3 Cold: A Cold Sweat – Crypt of the NecroDancer – Danny Baranowsky
  7. Certain Victory – Pump It Up Perfect Collection – Seo Taiji (Taiji Boys)
  8. Epiphany – bit.trip Flux – Gaijin Games